Since 2008 I have specialised in change management and sustainable (or social) business. I have filled multiple roles in business development, sales, management consultancy and group facilitation.

  • Supporting organisations to their next maturity level: setting up operations in such a way that the organisation can healthily grow into its next shape.
  • Diversifying and increasing income streams / groups of beneficiaries: strengthening the organisation financially, while fully honouring its social and environmental heart.
  • Activating teams by efficiently engaging team members in solutions: gathering and integrating the available perspectives in the organisation.

My approach is always collaborative, and usually involves both the design as well as the carrying out of the solutions. Having been thoroughly immersed in both, I search for and stretch the optimum of a bottom-up and top-down approach.

Next to more traditional business practices, I have been exposed to highly innovative business methodologies and theories such as Holacracy, Theory U, Adizes’ Lifecycle, WorldCafe, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space as practised by the Art of Hosting Community.