I feel inspired to work with female entrepreneurs. Whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur or not. Someone who has a passion/talent/unique product or skill, wants to bring that to the market and make a living of that. You might be an artist, you might be a practitioner/therapist, you might be a creative business woman.

What coaching can do for you:

  • Find a way that ‘business’ can fit YOU. For example, find YOUR way of marketing your product/service or find YOUR balance in juggling other responsibilities and passions (e.g. motherhood)
  • Tune in, reveal and stay true to YOURself so that your business gets navigated from your highest wisdom

Why Women/Female entrepreneurs? It just makes sense to me I have a role to play in strengthening the capacity of women to create a livelihood out of their passion/talent/unique product or service.

My approach is a combination of deep listening and seeing as well as the more traditional ways of offering suggestions, sharing ideas and planning activities to execute these. I have been trained in a highly professional and corporate world as well as a diverse set of more spiritual practices such as Feminine Power and Circling. My own journey has been and still is much about integrating more and more of my full femininity into my work.