Need help becoming future-proof?

dreammeetsreality supports your transition to new ways of doing and being in business

Why we do it

Waking up to the real state of the world
And realising, there is no other option
Than becoming part of the solution
That’s why…. the time is now.

Reason one

Strong believer in business being a driver to a more sustainable world.


Reason two

Embracing our full humanness as the key to unlocking solutions for the future.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


Reason three

Environmental degradation, overpopulation, increasing inequality…

The time is NOW!

Our Work

If you want to know what our services look like in real life, not just on paper, take a look at three recent projects and what clients say about the work delivered.

If you like what we do and want to know more

What our clients say

“… She is something of a driving force and has quickly shown excellent networking skills and made the right connections in relation to her work. She has achieved this with a happy demeanour and a pleasing positive attitude.”
Jonathan Parsons MSc | Managing Director, Chime Social Enterprise

“… During the workshops Daphne created a fantastic environment and supported participants. Her ability to create a safe and productive space was inspiring. She was also great at attending to individual needs with in the groups. I really hope to work with Daphne again as she made an invaluable contribution.”
Dr Sarah Dyer | Director of the Exeter Education Incubator


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