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‘standing on the shoulders of giants’

Long story short

dreammeetsreality has seen many iterations since its start in 2008/2009. From being a vehicle for a transition into a new life (yes, during an economic crisis and yes, without a ‘traditional’ business plan) it has probably become a way of life: a way of doing, a way of being.

The vision was birthed on a bus traveling somewhere on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the South of India, or maybe it was a 18-hour train journey from Mumbai to Trivandrum.

The first chapter was written in Amsterdam-Oost and soon activities followed in the rest of the Netherlands (plus a couple of adventures in North-West Europe). After setting foot on British shores and growing familiar with the context of the Southwest of England, the pencil got picked up again for writing this next part.

*Our commitment is to a (local) economy that works for people and the planet*

*We partner with like-minded individuals and organisations*

*We believe in business being a driver to a more sustainable world*

*We stand for unlocking solutions for the future by embracing our full humanness*

*And we know, that the time is NOW*

Our People

We partner with like-minded people and organisations, and will update this section accordingly in the near future.

Daphne van Run | Founder

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I graduated with honours for my law and business degrees. My professional life started by working for large FMCG-companies (Douwe Egberts in sales and PepsiCo in sales analysis).

Waking up in 2008 to ‘the real state of the world’, had me leave my corporate life. I re-educated myself through learning from a variety of areas/projects/experiences/courses: conscious business, sustainability, Integral Theory, ChiKung, KungFu, Feminine Power, Art of Hosting, Authentic Communication, Circling, trips to India etc.

From 2009 onwards I have been offering my services as a self-employed professional mainly to innovative, sustainability initiatives that represent the new world via business development, sales and change consultancy and group facilitation.

Meeting my love Daniel early 2013 kickstarted another rollercoaster of parenthood and exploring living off-grid and in community. At the heart of my ever-changing life lies:

  • a big passion for societal change,
  • a drive to cut out the bullshit,
  • the ongoing process of becoming a whole-hearted human being.


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Exeter, Devon, UK